The Germans have pushed back all Allies invasions on D-Day. Operartion Dragoon has failed and German moral has never been higher. What would the outcome of this war be? It's up to the players to decide!

    Richard Sterling

    Richard Sterling

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    Richard Sterling

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    Character Sheet

    Name: Richard Sterling
    Nickname: Stein
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Rank and Military Affiliation: Lt. in the British Special Operation Executive
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 142


    Appearance: He is a very elegant type person. He usually wears a dress shirt, dress pants and a tie. his hair is usually shown as it is in the picture. He has very very light brown eyes.
    Personality: He is a very calm and kind person. He has never gotten in trouble with the government in France before and much of the population of Raventhum knows of him through his musical talents.
    Likes: To play the violin, taste wine, and eat deserts.
    Dislikes: Bitter foods, nosey people, and loud unnecessary noises.
    Strengths: He has very low pressence unless he wants to be known, he is a very good actor, and he has very good aim with a bow.
    Weaknesses: He can't hold his alcohol well, over-confident, and becomes very attached to children.
    Hobbies: Playing the violin, amd going to parties to flirt with women.

    History: He was always a talented as a child and his parents had pushed him to do everything he could. He was always active in school and took part in many activities. He was an excelent wrestler, and avid violinist, a very good actor in his school's drama club, and captain of the archery club. Nonetheless he was not very happy with what he had accomplished.

    After graduating from university at 23, he up and joined the Royal Marines. His mother protested her son from joining but, alas, it fell onto deaf ears as he was ammitted after the grueling tests. His father had eventually settled his mother before he had left, biding him farewell and told him that he was always welcomed home. His little sister on the other hand, at age 4, did not want her older brother to go and clinged onto him until he left for training.

    During training, the feel of war was stretching to the United Kingdom as Poland was invaded by the German forces. As this was occuring the SOE (special Operation Executive) was recruiting from all branches in the queen's serivce. Sterling was pulled aside and reassigned quickly as the SOE pulled his files. He was an excellent marksmen, he was one of the best hand to hand fighters this division had. Along with his poker face, he was perfect for the mission the officers in the SOE had.

    Eventually he was dropped deep cover into Raventhum, France to observe the German forces within the town. He slowly integrated into the city and became a very well known citizen. He became the number target of all the children as his day job was to be a teacher for the younger children, ages 4-6.At night He played at local resurants to the joy of the owners and patrons and even the German soldiers came to listen to his performances.

    Main Weapon: None
    Sidearm: Welrod
    Other Resources: Violin, a small golden pocket watch, and his apartment.

    Special Notes: He tends to keep his pocket watch on a piece of fishing wire.
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    Re: Richard Sterling

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    glad to see you have his personality figured out. it makes me want to tweak some of my own character's...

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