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    Character Rules

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    Character Rules

    Post  Richard Sterling on Wed May 16, 2012 6:48 pm

    ▌ Be Active
    We're not asking you to be on every day, or that you tell us about every little time you leave. Just, be active three or four days of the week, that's all we ask. If you're gone for an extended period of time, like a week or so, please leave a message saying so. If you can't keep a character active, why have them in the first place?

    ▌ Acceptance
    You must wait for your character to be accepted before you can begin posting in role play threads. The character you create must be looked over by at least two of the moderators or administrators. Do not bug the staff constantly about getting your profile accepted. Please wait a couple hours after posting in the notification thread. If no staff has looked over your profile, politely PM someone to look it over, but don't bug them. Some staff have a personal rule where the more you bug them the longer you have to wait.

    ▌ Traveling
    This is a role-playing game so there will be a lot of traveling in this game. Many different areas will become available to enter and this will make this game more world like however we wish you to understand that your character cannot be in two places at once. This rule is subject to change but for now please stick to an area and when you leave type it so and where you are heading to.

    ▌ Posting Order
    Axis Rising has a set posting order. That means everyone in the thread posts before you post again. So, for example.

    Character A makes a thread
    Character B joins it.
    Character A posts
    Character B
    Character A
    Character C jumps in
    Character B posts
    Character A posts
    Character C posts

    It continues in an A,C,B order because that's what the order was when C jumped in.

    In the case for threads with a large amount of people posting, such as classes, it's obvious that waiting forever for everyone else to post can get boring. For that, feel free to set up a specified amount of time each character has to post before they're skipped. That is, say A, B, C, and D are in a thread. Each player has two days to respond to the previous posts before they're skipped. That means if A, B, and C post, D has two days from when C posted to get their reply up before A is allowed to skip them and post again.

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