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    Johnathan McAlister

    Johnathan McAlister

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    Johnathan McAlister

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    Name: Johnathan McAlister
    Nickname: Bowie
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Rank and Military Affiliation: Private, Paratrooper (Basic Parachutist wings)
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 210


    Appearance: Square jaw, Has a Flattop hairstyle (Family tradition) and an American flag tattoo on his shoulder.

    Personality: Very patriotic, but still a survivalist. Will sacrifice a non-American to save a country-man, kinda a hill-billy mentality to life.

    Likes: Cats, America, James Bowie

    Dislikes: Nazis, Cowards

    Strengths: Knife Fighting, close quarter's combat, stealth, Well built (Above army average)

    Weaknesses: Long range gun fights, can get reckless, overly patriotic

    Hobbies: Whittling, cigarettes

    "My pa was in the army, jus' like my Granpappy, an' I sure as hell ain't gonna be the son who went an' broke the family history!"
    -Johnathan "Bowie" McAlister

    Johnny was born on a farm in Nebraska, and as soon as he hit ten knew he wanted to be in the army, just like all the men in his family had since the revolution. While growing up though, he took a great interest in James Bowie, and more importantly, his knife. Johnny convinced his dad to get him a bowie knife at 14, and practiced fighting against the hay-bales with it for years. When he was walking around the farm he would practice pulling it out quickly, so that he knew it would be ready and available anytime he needed it. He also took to a game he made up by "Plain' Darts" with his knife. He would chunk it at center bar of the barn door, and after a while he got to where not only could he hit it from the back of the barn, but the knife never just bounced off anymore, it would stick there.

    Around his 16th birthday, his dad started taking johnny to the bar with him after the farm work was finished. There his dad and his buddies would get nice and drunk, and Johnny would normally sneak off to see if he could steal a beer from the tender without him noticing. After a confusing confrontation, he and the bartender made a game of it. If Johnny could sneak a beer the it was free, but if he went for the hour of game time without getting it, he had to pay for one but wouldn't get a drink.

    When he hit 18 he was unable to enlist like he had planed. His dad had broke his arm while repairing one of the tractors when the engine turned on with his arm still in it. The farm still needed him, and until his dad's arm healed enough to move the hay he had to stay. Finally, after two years of healing, his dad's arm was good enough to operate the farm by himself, so Johnny went and enlisted to be a paratrooper, first of the family. In the boot camp Johnny realized that a life of lifting 130 pound bales of hay on a daily basis had made him much stronger then most the other recruits there.

    Main Weapon: M1A1 Thompson
    Sidearm: Colt 1911
    Other Resources: Bowie Knife strapped to his right leg, M1936 Haversack, Canteen, M-1 Paratrooper Helmet, Parachute First Aid Packet, Helmet net, M1942 Jump Uniform, Jump Boots, Unit Patch, Rank Insignia, US trouser belt, First Aid Pouch, Musette Bag, T-Handle, 2 Extra clips of .45 bullets, 2 packs of cigarets.

    Special Notes:
    Richard Sterling

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    Re: Johnathan McAlister

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    1/2 Approval

    Your on your way to entering the battlefield, Soldier. Good luck... We all are gonna need it.
    Julien Gerard

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    Re: Johnathan McAlister

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    2/2 APPROVED.

    As the airborne troops are lined up to get their last bits of equipment before boarding the C-47, the CO hands you your Thompson an the ammo in a bandolier. "Bowie, your one ox of a man, i'd hate to be a jerry with you stomping around europe. now give 'em hell soldier!"

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