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    Basic Equpiment for Each Battlegroup

    Richard Sterling

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    Basic Equpiment for Each Battlegroup

    Post  Richard Sterling on Thu May 17, 2012 1:50 am

    This forum will show the basic equipment that is standard for each Battlegroup. The equipment is all optional to bring along but is provided before your character has set off.


    • M-1 Helmet
    • M1941 Field Jacket or M1943 Field Uniform Set(Jacket and Trouser)
    • M1943 HBT Shirt and Trousers or Brown Wool Shirt and Trouser
    • Service Shoes, Type II & Leggings or Combat Service Boots (2 buckles)
    • Unit Patches
    • Trouser Belt
    • First Aid Pouch
    • Haversack or Musette Bag and M1936 suspenders
    • M1923 Cartridge Belt
    • T-Handle Shovel
    • M1910 Canteen Cover & Canteen
    • Substitute Parson's Jacket
    • M1943 Folding Shovel
    • Helmet net

    • M-1 Paratrooper Helmet
    • Parachute First Aid Packet
    • Helmet net
    • M1942 Jump Uniform
    • Jump Boots
    • Unit Patch
    • Rank Insignia
    • US trouser belt
    • M1923 Cartridge Belt or BAR Belt
    • M1936 or M1943 Suspenders
    • First Aid Pouch
    • Musette Bag
    • T-Handle or M1943 Folding shovel w/ cover
    • M1910 Canteen Cover and Canteen


    • Battledress Uniform
    • Mk2 Helmet
    • Cap Comforter (“Beanie”)
    • Green Large Style Beret with RM George V Badge
    • Rain Cape
    • Mk3 Assault Gas Mask
    • Sandbag (empty)
    • Internal Frame Backpack
    • Bed roll
    • Identity Disk with Stamped Name ETC.
    • Cammando Knife C/W Scabbard
    • Toggle Rope
    • Tin Mug
    • Face Camo

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